MKMMA week 1

MKMMA week 1
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Hello All…My first blog…ever…I guess it’s “welcome to the 21st century!” Kind of like driving that brand new car for the first time. I’m going to just share some of my thought process and write about that…I know I’ll get better…

Very excited to be taking this challenging journey with hundreds of other “like minded” souls who aspire to be better and more passionate about everything that matters in their lives. I know for me and I suspect many of us, it’s about being a better spouse, parent, citizen. It’s about being more vibrant, happy, healthy. Being more focused, more spiritual. I want to be proactive and design my life going forward and yet paradoxically, live more fully in the present….

I’ve always thought that there must be a way to get deeper into who am and how I behave in the world and change the very roots and fabric of my inner sanctum to FINALLY change and GET the results that I hope for….there have been so many attempts where I felt like I was standing in front of a brick wall time after time and banging my head against it over and over, and then expecting spectacularly different results! —Yes, the definition of insanity….the only results after years of this behavior is a feeling of hopelessness that my life can truly be different in a very real and profound way, and worse than the hopeless feeling, cynicism. Cynicism helps me justify not trying as hard as I should and that failure is ok for a lifestyle.

Now someone or more accurately, a group of people have reached out and using their own struggles and then succeeding to move past those struggles into their own dreams and authentic lives, are giving me and others a blueprint to follow their lead and create something profound in our own lives….This is the first of many times I’m sure that I’ll be saying “Thank You” to Mark, Davene and to the whole staff for allowing me this fantastic opportunity grow into my best self.

When Mark says that the last thing we need to do is more massive action, I really resonate with that. I know most of us have done that with no meaningful results. I’m REALLY READY to try something different!!!

One of the assignments I’m fired up for is the sitting for 15 to 30 minutes a day. Meditation! It’s on my list of daily necessary activities outside of this course, to a better spiritual life and to helping me, and yes again… in the present moment…….One of the feelings that has seeped into my brain these last couple of days is gratitude. Oh my goodness! I do have so much to be thankful for!

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