MKMMA week 3

So since starting this course, I completed 2 tasks which needed doing for some time. The first task I chose was to organize the repair parts for my business. It had been 4 years since I’d organized it the last time. It felt empowering and has put a smile on my face every time I have had to retrieve a part and now know exactly where it is!

The second task was much more daunting. I had to clean the inside of my pick-up which I’ve used everyday for work the last 11 years. Years of dirt, dust, stains, receipts, pieces of paper, coins, old pens, you name it and it was probably somewhere in there. I started in about 9:30 am thinking that a couple of hours would do it and I’d have it all done. But the one phrase kept haunting me from the webinar; “Did you do the best you CAN?” or “Did you do your BEST?” In the ensuing hours I realized the gap between these two seemingly simple phrases. I had let “Sloth” another term I learned about this week, keep me from doing a task that had needed to be done regularly for many years previous. Now, 6 hours later at 3:00 pm I was still at it! With a trash can, a vacuum cleaner, a carpet cleaner, a putty knife, old wash rags and several buckets of soapy water as my tools, I cleaned my truck like I never cleaned it before! No nook and cranny escaped my putty knife and rag. I was doing my best, not the best that I can. For a second week in a row, my wife was very impressed. She said half kidding, “I suppose I have to take my shoes off now when I ride with you!” As simple and seemingly insignificant as this task seemed, getting it done has filled me with great pride and an elevated feeling of personal power, and everyday now when I get in, I take a moment to look and feel good all over again. A final bonus, reading my “chore” card now fills me with pride and emotion. My truck hasn’t looked this good since it was new. Simple task, doing my best, produces remarkable inner results!


3 thoughts on “MKMMA week 3

  1. Congratulations! Interesting you pulled in, doing your best. I felt myself wanting to be defiant, not sure why, but I didn’t give into it. I did it & thought, “is this my best?” The answer was, no. I know had I have done my best I’d feel that same satisfaction instead I feel like I didn’t give in to my own self sabotage. You are one up on me & an inspiration 🙂

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  2. Deirdre S Master Key says:

    Fantastic, you set your chores and dug in and done the work. You are working full time on the world within. Great job..!


  3. Dee Thanks so much for your words! What is so great here, is that we are all coming at this course from different perspectives and realities and sharing with one another. There’s magic in us combining brain power and seeing other’s insights and drawing epiphanies from them…There’s power and magic at work…and Harmony…Love it!


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