Lions and tigers…OH MY!!!

OMG…it’s Friday…a very challenging week indeed! I feel like a drunk juggler with 10 plates in the air….oooohha! All you in the front row… watch out!! So many things to get done….As Tony Horton says about Ab Ripper X…”I hate it!…But I love it!

This course, my goodness….It’s stressful, It’s wonderful, It’s frustrating, It’s enlightening, It’s not believable, It’s unbelievable!!! I think I’ve got it, I don’t have a clue….I’m brave, I’m scared to death….Terror and exhilaration….

The duality of this existence…this MKMMA immersive experience…Sometimes, I feel epiphanies coming one after another and it’s very exciting. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and wonder if I’ve ever had an original thought of my own and I’m just regurgitating what I’ve memorized and therefore not authentic…

one of the things I know for sure though is this: I yearn to be authentic and to impact others in ways that I have been impacted by those who are authentic …It’s a spiritual imperative…

Like all of us who hit the lottery…That is all of us who were the only ONES in anywhere from 100 million to 500 million sperms cells to be accepted to fertilize the female egg and get the one way ticket to life on earth, I feel it’s my obligation for having this incredible luck to show thanks in as big a way as I can to the universe for picking me! After all, I was picked for a reason, a purpose that only I was designed to get done… and now, to get beyond the curtain and find the real Wizard of Oz!!

I keep my promises


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