Greetings and Welcome to my blog!

Just a bit about who I am: I am a Husband of 32 years to a wonderful Lady who was gracious enough to marry me and who is the mother of our 2 incredible sons. My wife and I are now proud (of course!) grand parents of 2 little twin girls!

Other than my family, my next passion has been a love of the Sierra Nevada Range. I’ve spent many hundreds of miles and many vacations walking  up and down this spectacular range, being grateful for every second I was able to be there. It has without fail on many occasion , brought out the best that I had to offer it both mentally and physically.  One of the life achievements  that I’m most proud of was the honor of hiking 1600 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail with 2 of my very best friends. 5 months of extreme hard work, rewarded daily with getting to live in some of the most sublime country on earth.

Having chosen Philosophy for my college major,  asking and searching out answers to life’s most pressing questions has been an ongoing passion. It is only natural that my journey would lead me to MKMMA. So here I am, hoping that this experience will help me drill down to my core self and unleash the vitality and power that we are supposed to be gifted with. Some how I have the vague feeling that I’ve been there before, but now I look forward with eager anticipation to meeting my divine self again and instead of “there” it’s” here” just like the Golden Buddha.

to all of you out there in MKMMA Land, I wish fervently for you all to find your Golden Buddha…Lets really do something special and do this together! May whatever faith you follow, guide you and give you strength.



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