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Hi I’m Teri Gross and this is ‘Fresh Air’. Today I talk with Dennis Andrews Who’s just wrote  ‘Open Doors’. It’s a book that chronicles his modest beginnings, some of his youthful exploits, and his underlying philosophy that has rewired his life. He  has become one of the most sought after new authors of  2018. Dennis Andrews just won the ‘National Indie Excellence Book Award’ ,which honors  new self-published authors and independent publishers. Literary circles are mentioning his book for consideration in the ‘Man Booker Award,  which is often regarded as the most prestigious book award in the world.

Congratulations Dennis Andrews on your recent award, and welcome to ‘Fresh Air’.

“The first question I’d like to ask you, is, is the events in this book that really reads like a novel, patterned or have any relationship to your own life?”

“Well, before I start Teri, I’d like to say what an incredible honor it is to be on your show. I’ve been a big fan of yours for years now.!” Teri, always seeming a little shy, tells Dennis, “Thank  you.” “To answer your question, yes. I drew a lot from my own experiences, but used others that I either admired them for the person they are, and/or because of the contributions they made to help the world. ”

“You’re book has resonated remarkably well with people from all walks of life, and has been compared to Paulo Coehlo’s “The Alchemist”. You seem to have struck a chord with a lot of people. Why do you think this has happened?”

“Teri, when I sat down to write this book, I wanted to share my experiences in life, and I know my experience is no different than anyone else’s. We are all on our “Hero’s Journey”. I wanted my heart to do the writing, and if my was doing the writing, I knew that I’d touch other hearts out in the world, because we’re all connected. We all breathe the same air. We all want real, intimacy with others whether it’s our spouse or close friends. Each of us no matter what part of the world we come from yearn for the same thing and that is love. I knew that if I could write from my own heart, I could touch many, many more hearts…hopefully…(I’ve got a slight grin when I say this)…Teri asks another question…

“You say in your book that your earlier experiences in life led you to this point in your life but the real turning point occurred later in life when you were in your 60’s. What was that experience and how did it affect you?”

“I had always been a free spirit, especially so when I was younger, but as I got older living from the imagination became harder and harder…(she interrupts)” what do you mean, ‘living from the imagination?” ” I mean living from the imagination like an 8 year old. At that age, life is an adventure, a tantalizing mystery and an endless possibility of dreams.  An 8 year believes that anything at anytime is possible. they are drawn to the enthusiasm and magnetism of dreams and pay  very little attention, if any. to the method of achieving those dreams. The universe talks to an 8 year old because he or she listens to what the universe has to say. As we get older, well meaning and often times cruel advice, is given by an adult, who knowingly or not, trains the dreams right out of this brilliant young mind. years go by and soon the magic of being alive is replaced by routine and doubt. After awhile the doubt turns to cynicism. You probably recall the song by John Mellencamp called ‘Jack and Diane’. It’s a poignant tune about 2 teen lovers about to enter the ‘real world’ not knowing what is in store for their lives. The sobering lyric for me is, ‘life goes on long after the thrill of livin’ is gone’. Talk about existential angst! my god it rips your heart out!”

“So, to get to your original  question about the real turning point in my life…In 2006, my wife and I attended a business convention in Salt Lake City. We had never seen anything like. it 6000 people very excited about being there and their possibilities for a more robust and fruitful future. There were several key note speakers there, and one in particular said things that astounded me. My heart listened as he talked about being able to co-create with a greater power, a life that mattered and was filled with meaning and love and made a difference. I was in tears by the time he was finished.—fast forward to 2014…This same amazing man Mark J and his equally amazing wife “The fabulous Davene” ( I’d kept track of their rising success) created a system that gave people a chance to rediscover their true purpose. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and I’d been to more than a few “fix your life in 30 minutes” seminars over the years, so I was able to see very soon these 2 were doing something so contrary, so different from everything else out there. After a month, I knew I’d come home. Years and years, hell, even decades had gone by while I was living the definition of insanity. You know the definition don’t you?  Standing about 4″ away from a brick wall, and pounding your head into it over and over  while muttering every now and then, Am I free yet? Am I rich yet?—(Teri Laughs out loud here.) Teri asks. “What was so profound about what you learned”?

Teri the whole process was immersive. From day 1, you didn’t study this information. You lived it.  Everything was on purpose. From the very first day I learned the value of good habits, the power of the subconscious, the law of compensation.” A huge theme centered around “to get more, Give more. the whole course was designed to shred your old archaic blueprint and replace it with a blueprint that was alive, vibrant, and magical. The courses’ time frame was 6 months, but since it is offered every year, I took it again. It’s called the Master Keys and it was my rebirth. It cleaned my hard drive and re-installed the default software which gave me the number to the divine. I call the divine all the time now. Mark and Davene’s work is very widely known  now, but back in  2014 they were a treasure that was just being found.






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